Boat Handling

This course will relieve those feelings of apprehension when the time comes to carry out a manoeuvre in a tight spot or in difficult conditions. We teach you different  ways to moor up when short handed . Illustrating the techniques for manoeuvring under power this is the ideal  course for those skippers who wish to improve their boat handling skills in close quarters situations.

• Picking up mooring buoys
• Anchoring
• Alongside  berthing
• How to use wind and tide
• Ferry Gliding
• How to use prop walk
• berthing on a windward an leeshore

The Boat Handling course will be done under a wide range of conditions , the boat handling course looks at techniques for manoeuvring in strong winds and tight spots.  At the end of the weekend you will be capable of manoeuvring in a wide range of conditions and situations with much more confidence. The course is run in a friendly and relaxed manner to help you get the most out of your time on the water.

The course is  on demand , please call us for information.

Suggested minimum pre-course experience and recommended knowledge:



Minimum 1 day
09.30 h. till 17.00 h.


Eur. 175,00 per day per person or 335,00 for a weekend p.p Min. 3 persons


On demand