The  Challenge Cup is the biggest sailingrace from Holland to England.  The Challenge Cup exists of two legs: IJmuiden to Lowestoft and back. Each leg is 100 Miles. Only 100 Miles but still a real crossing.

A good atmosphere and marvellous prices are part of the event. There is a party in Lowestoft and IJmuiden with good food, booze and live music.

Boarding time at 09.00 . Short sailingtrip to IJmuiden. Race to Lowestoft and back. Back in Amsterdam at 23.00

Suggested minimum experience and recommended knowledge:



4 days.


4 days Eur. 650,00.

Food, drinks, diesel and Harbourfees 27,50 Euro p.p p. day.


sept 03 10.00h.  till sept 06

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