Own Boat Tuition

Sometimes you want to learn in the familiar environment of your own boat and with people you know. Instruction can be arranged any time that is suitable for you for a minimum of one day.

We can guide you through the early stages of yacht ownership, or for the more experienced, help you to improve your personal skills and become more confident. The advantages are that you can learn at your own pace and get used to the handling of your own boat without the pressure of being on a standard course.

If you are a couple owning a boat and the man is normally behind the wheel we change roles. So the partner behind the wheel and the man doing the ropes. Man over board by one person only. So both of you being able to retrieve each other when one of you has fallen over board.

Tuition will be tailored to your wishes. We can deliver RYA Instruction, MCA Exam Preparation, or simply coach you and your crew in specific areas such as motor manoeuvring, pilotage or sail trim.

Our instructors have significant experience of a wide range of yachts and our approach will soon build your confidence and maximise your enjoyment.

Instruction to suit you!

Suggested minimum pre-course experience and recommended knowledge:


Course contents:

Tailored to your wishes


Price per day : Euro 345,00. Max 4 persons.

Travelcosts: Euro 0,44 p/km from Amsterdam