Ronde om NoordHolland  

About 250 yachts with more than 1000 sailors sail around Noord Holland in two days, the weekend just before the longest day of the year. The atmosphere is serious fun. The route involves Markermeer, IJsselmeer Waddenzee and Northsea. It is the weekend just before the longest day of the year. 

Participants start in Muiden, via Enkhuizen, Kornwerderzand over the Waddenzee and Northsea and finish in IJmuiden. Tidal, non-tidal, salt, non-salt, lock passages all elements are there in this race.

Long waiting times can occur at the passages of the locks when  a lot of yachts arrive at the same time. Because of that you can miss the tide so you need a lot of luck. Tactics and luck are elements of this race.

Finishers after 17.00 hours are disqualified.

Famous is the big party at the end. Organisation of the Ronde om Noord- Holland is made by Stichting YSY Ronde om Noord-Holland.

Boarding at 19.00  – back in Amsterdam at  22.00

Suggested minimum experience and recommended knowledge:



3 days.


3 days Eur. 525,00.

Food, drinks and Harbourfees 27,50 Euro p.p p. day.


june 18 – june 20    2022

first day 19.00 h. – last day 22.00

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