Colin Archer Memorial Race

The C.A.M.R. is sailed every two years. Start is at Lauwersoog and the finish is near Larvik, Norway. The distance is about 365 Miles. Generally the race takes about 3 to 5 days dependant the weather and the boat.

Classes are: ORC, Multihulls and the free classes with a minimum lenght of 7.50 meter increasing with 1 meter per group.

An impression of the race is:

A week before the start the participating boats arrive in Lauwersoog, the safety equipment of all the boats will be checked. On thursday a lot of different acivities take place. A diner is organised for all participants, volunteers, family etc.
On friday all boats move to the outer harbour. The briefing is on saterday morning for the latest amendments and weather reports. After saying goodbye to friends and family the start takes place, an exciting moment for participants and a wonderfull view for all spectators.
The participating boats are sailing to Larvik. The finish in Larvik is warm and now you can relax and enjoy the beautiful Norwegian coast.
The Parade of sail is after a few days, this is an honor to Colin Archer, who is buried in Larvik.
At last there is a race for the Martin Loos price, the announcement of the winners and a joint barbeque.

The reunion is in November for an evaluation with a drink and a bite. The winners receive there prices.

Boarding  at 10.00. Sailingtrip to Lauwersoog via the IJsselmeer , Waddenzee and Northsea. Race to Larvik. Visit some fjords at the south of Norway. Return trip to Amsterdam.

Suggested minimum experience and recommended knowledge:



14 days.


14 days Eur. 1.950,00.

Food, drinks, diesel and Harbourfees 27,50 Euro p.p p. day.


July 12  till  July 26    2022

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