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Sailing Course Joining Instructions

Thank you for choosing Waypoint Amsterdam Sailing School. To help you prepare for your forthcoming Yacht Training Course we have put together some useful information and recommend you read it through a couple of weeks before your course commences. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any further queries.

Opening Hours:
The Haven is open for twenty four hours a day seven days a week.
Contact numbers:
Telephone for delayed arrival +31 (0) 63 444 2112

Marina Address (do not send mail to this adress)

Waypoint Amsterdam Sailing School

Werfkade 4
1033 RA  Amsterdam

Training Course typical Start Times
Practical courses (Subject to prior confirmation)

Five day courses start at  09.00h on the first day.
Weekendcourses start 19.00 the evening before the course, finish 16.00 the last day
Daysails run from 09.00 till 17.30.

Training Course Information

Students to Instructor Ratio
5:1 maximum on all practical courses

What to bring?
We suggest you pack the following:

For practical courses
Waterproofs, Fleece top, gloves, hat, scarf, thick socks, comfortable trousers / tracksuit, deck shoes / sailing boots or white-soled trainers (preferably non slip), neck towel or small towel to stop drips. We do not recommend jeans as they take a long time to dry. It is much warmer to wear multiple thin layers than one thick layer. Hopefully you will have good weather and if you do get sunshine we advise you have a hat, sun cream, shorts and T-shirts.
Please note that all personal items are brought at your own risk.

Medicines: bring double as what you normally use for the entire course

Passports: please do not forget to bring your passport

Dietary requirements:  Please let us know if you have any dietary rquirements

Exam candidates: For those of you taking either your Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore exam, please ensure you bring all the necessary documentation as stated in your booking information. If you require any further  advice, please call us.

If you are likely to be late, please call us.

Return: the yachts are to be returned at 16.00 the last day of the course, cleaned and clear of crew and their belongings. Daysails run from 09.00 till 17.30.

Accidents: if an accidents occurs we must be informed inmediately on 06-3 444 2112. No repairs are to be undertaken without the express authorisation from the principal. At no time liability is to be admitted in the case of collision.

Health statement: please ensure that your health statement and bookingform is returned to the office as quickly as possible.

You will be sleeping on board in shared cabins. Bedding and towels are not provided.
PLEASE NOTE – We do not provide bedding so please bring your own sleeping bags, pillows and towels. Please bring your things in a soft holdall as there is no storage on board the yacht.

Catering Arrangements
Breakfast, lunch, diner, snacks and beverages are provided on board. We charge you 22,50 euro per person per day for food, drinks and harbourfees.
Meals and drinks ashore are at your own expense. Your skipper can recommend good restaurants at each overnight stop. Please note that you will be expected to help with the cooking, washing up and general housekeeping of the yacht. Yacht husbandry is part of the course.

Log book
You will require a RYA logbook G15 for your course. If you already have one please bring it, if not, order a log book from Amazon.com or Bol.com. Please come prepared if possible.

Recommended Reading
RYA Practical and/or Theory Course books. E.g. Competent Crew Practical Course Notes (PCN), Day Skipper PCN, Day Skipper Notes, Yachtmaster Notes. These can be purchased in advance direct from us  or the RYA. Other RYA publications relevant to the course are available on board for reference.

Prior Experience
To achieve satisfactory course completion RYA requires adequate knowledge and logged experience. For example Day Skipper Practical Course requires that you are on RYA competent crew level and at least 5 days sea time, 100 miles  and 4 night hours. Please check that you meet course prior experience or phone if you are unsure.

Marina Fees
Mooring/marina fees are NOT included in the course fees. We charge you 24,50 euro per person per day for food, drinks and harbourfees.

Minimum age is 18.

On Arrival at the base at Amsterdam
On arrival you should report at the boat.  Parking is free.

We hope that these notes will help you make the most of your training course and your time spent in Largs. Please read through carefully and contact us if you have any queries. In the event of difficulty on route ring the Telephone for delayed arrival 06-3 444 2112.

We hope that you have a great time and thank you for booking with Waypoint Amsterdam Sailing School.

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