The HT-race is not only competition, it is also sailing a challenging track on the Waddenzee. Visiting cozy harbours. Drinking pints in various pubs with your competitors and fellow sailors. But be careful because you have to get up early the next morning to be able to finish as first.

During the race we work on teamspirit, enthousiasm and hospitality. This is the succesfactor of the HT-race. Advertising is not allowed in accordance to the unspoilt Waddenzee.

Safety is a big issue. The organisation is the Harlinger Watersport Vereniging, a non-profit organisation with a lot of volunteers.The first race was organised in 1946 by the HWSV .  After that year the race was organised every year. It is an all-weather race. There are 8 classes, the smallest boats are around  7 meter long , the bigger boats 15 meter and longer.

Get on board at  10.00. Relaxing trip to Harlingen gives your time to get familiar with the boat. Race . A wonderfull trip back to Amsterdam. 

Suggested minimum experience and recommended knowledge:



5 days.


5 days Eur. 860,00.

Food, drinks and Harbourfees 27,50 Euro p.p p. day.


June 02 – June 06   2022

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