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Example itinerary of 2 day Start Yachting course


  • 19.00h Arrive at Amsterdam
  • Meet the instructor, collect food and move onto the yacht to settle in
  • Stowe away all provisioning and personal kit
  • Instructor’s safety briefing and yacht familiarisation talk
  • If the weather is good and everybody is on time you will set sail for a short trip to a nearby harbour. . It’s a good idea to have dinner before coming down


  • 0800 Showers at marina facilities, breakfast, clean up and get weather forecast
  • Recap safety procedures on deck. Introduction to deck gear, ropes and rigging and various parts of the yacht
  • Engine start controls and rigging/slipping of mooring lines and fenders
  • Slip mooring and motor down the river giving everyone a chance to steer the yacht under power
  • Practice coming alongside and leaving various pontoons with everyone rotating jobs
  • Short sail to an anchorage or mooring buoy giving everyone the chance to raise sails and control them using the sheets
  • 1300 Lunch. Discuss the use of liferafts
  • Practice the basic points of sail with each person having the opportunity to helm or control sheets
  • Practice putting in and shaking out reefs
  • Practice headsail changes or furling
  • Sail to overnight destination practising what a crew member should do in the event of a Man Overboard situation
  • 1830 Enter a new harbour  and moor up. Stow sails and tidy up on and below deck
  • 1900 Debrief on day’s events whilst dinner is cooking in oven
  • 2000 Supper followed by a trip ashore to a local pub


  • 0800 Showers at marina facilities, breakfast, clean up and get weather forecast
  • 0900 Prepare the yacht for sea and undertake a passage to an anchorage for lunch. On route each crew member will experience helming the yacht on different points of sail
  • Learn how to tie the basic knots used by sailors and when they are used
  • Prepare to enter anchorage. Learn how to prepare the anchor and foredeck in anticipation of arrival
  • 1200 Lunch at anchor
  • Set sail for Amsterdam learning the basic collision regulations on route
  • Clean up yacht followed by debrief and issue of certificates
  • 1600 Depart Amsterdam

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